“Help me! I want to make hummus but I’ve run out of tahini!”

OK. Don’t panic.

Many people don’t know it, but hummus is actually a food group in the vegan home; so when there is no tahini in the house does that mean we must starve?

No it does not! Because you can make hummus without tahini.

The trick is to smother the chickpeas with enough spice and flavour that you forget you are searching for tahini and mistake the hummus for something else.


1 tin of chickpeas, drained
A couple of tablespoons of oil
Lime, lots
Garlic (optional)
Sundried tomatoes or cumin


Blend the chickpeas with lime, salt, garlic (if you dare), drop in some oil and salt to taste. Then add sundried tomatoes or cumin. Once you forget about tahini, serve it on rice or corn crackers with avocado and pepper.

If you want to make regular hummus just use a tin of chickpeas, tahini, lime, water, garlic, salt and then season as desired. ♥

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