A New Banana Trick

We scored at the farmer’s market. I suggest you do the same.

We got an entire box of over-ripe bananas for $3.

This was possibly the single best budgeting score we have ever made. That was about a month ago, and we’re still making use of our bananas!

Here’s what you do.

Skin all of the bananas and separate them out into two grades – heavily bruised ones for baking and lightly bruised ones for smoothies. Then freeze the lot in sealed containers. They won’t get browner in the fridge and you’ll save yourself the hassle of trying to de-skin a frozen banana. (Trust me, it’s a real pain in the butt).

When you want to bake, just put a few baking bananas out of the freezer and bake-away! We substitute 1 banana for 1 egg, in baking.

When you want to make a delicious smoothie, or  soft serve ice cream or feel the urge for some raw chocolate cake, just whip them out and use them as desired.


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