Feeding Two People on $60 a Week

We have figured out how to feed ourselves very cheaply. The vegan diet is ideal for frugal living.

Our $60 budget also covers sundries such as toilet paper, shampoo and dishwashing liquid. We eat beautifully. We always have extra food for guests and I believe we could feed three on this amount of money.

For carbohydrates we buy bulk flour, bulk potatoes, bulk rice and bulk pasta.

For protein we rely mostly on tinned legumes such as; red kidney beans, four bean mix, chickpeas, lentils, cannelloni beans, baked beans and chili beans. These are usually a-dollar-a-can. Sometimes if we have a little extra money left over we might buy some vegan sausages, or inexpensive dry lentils. It’s amazing how much you can do with tinned legumes.

For everything else we buy tinned and fresh vegetables.

We buy our fresh vegetables exclusively from the farmer’s market – where you can save up to $2 on each item.

Each week we get a little play food – such as a couple of bags of chips – and I make us sweet play foods using dates and sultanas instead of sugar. We keep a whiteboard marker on our fridge and note down the items that are getting low. We buy what we need.

A typical weekly spend goes like this….

$20 of vegetables from the farmers market, where there is a huge seasonal variety including bulk bags of potatoes for $5
$10 for tinned legumes, which cost approximately $1 per tin
$1 for 1kg rice or cheap pasta
$4 for tinned tomatoes and coconut cream
$9 for tahini
$2 for chips
$3 for soy milk
$10 to routinely stock up items, such as haircare products, coconut oil, cocoa, spices, vinegars, flour ($6 for 5kg) , baking aids, oats or sultanas.

Our supermarket of choice is Pak n’ Save.

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