Thrifty, Healthful, Sparkling, Sweet Soda!

I used to love soda.

♥ swoon ♥

Unfortunately my beloved pancreas did not share my fondness for sugary soft drink, and neither did my wallet.

So this is what I do in summer when it’s warm, and I want a treat.

I buy large bottles of orange or apple juice which contain no added sugar, then I fill a glass 30–40% juice, with ice, fresh fruit and soda water!

This is luscious in summer and doesn’t harm me in the way that sugar-laden fizzy drinks do. It’s light and refreshing and at 79¢ for a 1.5L bottle of soda water it makes the juice last a long time. If I’m out of soda I water down the juice so I don’t get a sugar rush – as orange juice is pretty sweet.

This is a great way to make up sweet punch for friends and children.

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