Fresh Spring Rolls & Sweet Satay Sauce

There’s always that sense of extreme urgency that accompanies food photography.

I want the photo to turn out well, but as I’m hungrily stacking the food and lusciously drizzling the sauce, my mind (and partner) are crying out, “Just hurry up and stuff it in my mouth!”

I’m sure more than one of these photos has been elegantly accented by a small amount of lusty drool.

I can’t take full credit for these, they were a dual effort.


Spring roll rice paper
Grated beetroot
Grated carrot
Fresh mint, chopped
Tofu strips fried in soy sauce
Avocado, sliced
Sprouted mung beans

Peanut butter
Sweet chilli sauce
Soy sauce


Grate beetroot and carrot and mix with mung beans and chopped mint in a salad bowl. Fry tofu with a dash of soy sauce and cut into thin strips. Soak rice paper in warm water for a few seconds until soft. Pile beetroot mix into the centre, add a strip of tofu and avocado. Roll. Will stay fresh in the fridge for at day. Meanwhile, whip up peanut butter and water until saucy, then add a dash of sweet chilli to sweeten. Serve rolls with satay sauce and soy sauce drizzled atop.

These are great for entertaining!

They’re colourful, they keep well, they’re reasonably healthy, and they make great finger food. Children enjoy assembling and eating these too!

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