Raw Almond Nut Milk

So I tried some of this hippyness.

Nice! Very nice with a dash of cocoa and cinnamon…

Easy too.

I avoided making it, because it seemed like too much work, yet it only took 5 minutes to make.

Apparently I am very lazy.

Thanks to my friend Denise for providing this recipe!


1 cup almonds, soaked for a few hours
3 cups purified water
3 teaspoons sweet syrup
1 pinch salt


Pop it all in the food processor, and whizz for a while until the almonds are broken up and the milk is “milky”.

Strain using a metal strainer.

I didn’t need a nutbag or fabric strainer. The regular strainer worked wonderfully the first time.

Keep the pulp to make a raw chocolate cake, or raw cheese.

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