Summer Marrow

Marrow are juicy, oversized, courgette (or zucchini in the US); they’re lovely.

What I love about this summer fruit is that you can stuff them with almost anything and bang out a passable meal. I like to use up the bits around the kitchen and garden. It’s nice idea to include some nuts and seeds – for a protein punch – and serve them dripping in tahini sauce.

This one is stuffed with leftover pumpkin, silverbeet, cashew, walnut, sunflower seeds and garlic, then topped with tomato and radish. But you can put whatever you want in them; consider mushrooms, onion, sun dried tomatoes, quinoa or olives, or go the rice-curry powder-sultana route. I scoop out the insides, chop them up, blend them with whatever, stuff it all back into the marrow and bake it until brown. I top the meal off with other vegetables and a side of hummus, a red pesto or maybe a little sweet pickle.

This is a beautiful gluten-free meal.


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