Refreshing Pea, Cumin & Mint Soup

Just before Christmas Jess asked me if I would like to join Tahini Sauce as a contributor of some raw recipes. I said yes of course, not only because I thought it would be good reason to post photos of what I eat on the internet but also another way of keeping myself in check with what I am eating and preparing everyday. I am pretty new to raw food, having turned to this style of eating mid 2012 for health reasons. I haven’t been 100% raw the whole time (being a big transition and all), but so far I have been consistent in what has been nothing short of a creative and physiological revelation!. Being a steadfast foodie of the highest order I really had thought the good times were over. How wrong was I? Despite not being able to sautée, simmer, or flambé anything, possibly ever again, I have never felt so deeply rewarded in the kitchen – and I haven’t cooked a thing!. And really, it makes me feel so virtous! It really is a satisfyingly beneficial and endlessly creative way to prepare and eat. I have, my new friends, been humbled by these undisturbed enzymes.

So here it is, my first contribution. A fittingly humble dish – a simple fresh, summer soup to serve 2.

Pea Soup


2 cups garden peas
1/4 large or 1/2 small avocado
Handful of fresh mint (washed)
1/4 tsp cumin seeds
1 cup water


Put peas and half the water into the blender along with the mint, avocado, cumin seeds, salt & pepper. If you are using frozen peas* sit them in the sun or a bowl of water until they start to thaw. Blend on Low, adding more water if necessary until everything is smooth and your favourite soup consistency is reached. Check seasoning. Serve. Devour.

* Although frozen peas are not raw (they are blanched before they are frozen), they work well if fresh peas are not available.

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