Epic vegan butter


This is a recipe adapted from Mattie’s outstanding butter recipe at VeganBaking: http://www.veganbaking.net/recipes/fats/vegan-butters/vegan-butter.

First, please go read Mattie’s original recipe–it explains what the ingredients do, and why it’s important to be quite precise with the measurements and the ingredients. What I like about Mattie’s approach is that he replicates the fat/water/solids content of butter to give it butter-like qualities as well as buttery taste.

This is where I come in. I found the ratios in that recipe were not quite the same as butter, so I wondered how much closer I could get. After making a recipe with the exact ratios found in butter, I made a few adjustments for taste and found it was very close to a great quality butter. My recipe makes up the solids by  adding cashews to the soy milk in the original recipe. This increases the solids content without increasing the water ratio.

I mentioned precision above. The best thing you can do is have a good set of digital scales that can measure to 0.1 gram (TradeMe sellers often have ones that will do up to 2kg by 0.1g for $20). This gets you accuracy and repeatability. I’ll give the exact weights below, but also measurement approximations.

One last thing: this butter needs to live in the fridge. It’s more spreadable straight from the fridge than butter is, but it separates much more easily as it warms up, because it is less complex than butter. Butter has a hundred components that melt at different temperatures. Because of this, it gradually softens across a wide temperature range. This recipe has only three – water, coconut oil, and rice bran oil – and although it has an emulsifier and a stabiliser in it, it will still separate when not chilled for an hour or two.



Exact weights Approximate measures
62 grams soy milk ¼ cup soy milk
14.5 grams, cashews, soaked 12 whole cashews, soaked
68 grams rice bran oil 1/3 cup rice bran oil
210 grams refined coconut oil 1 cup of refined coconut oil
2.8 grams coconut vinegar ½ tsp coconut vinegar
2.8 grams apple cider vinegar ½ tsp apple cider vinegar
3 grams salt ½ to ¾ tsp salt
9 grams liquid lecithin 2 tsp liquid lecithin
2.3 grams xanthan gum ½ tsp xanthan gum
Pinch of turmeric Pinch of turmeric


1) Soak cashews for 3 hours. Dry off, and set aside.

2) Add soy milk and vinegars to a glass. Let it curdle.

3) Microwave or otherwise warm the coconut oil until just melted.

4) Add all of the remaining ingredients (except turmeric) to the coconut oil. If you have digital scales, just use ‘tare’ in between weighings and you can easily add all of your remaining ingredients accurately.

5) Pour the oil mixture in a blender and add the cashews and soy milk/vinegar mixture. Be sure to use a rubber spatula transfer everything.

6) Blend for several minutes on a high speed until everything is completely smooth, even and light.

7) If you want a yellow colour, progressively add tiny pinches of turmeric and blend until you hit your desired tint.

8) Pour into a container, and freeze until completely solid. Remove, and refrigerate.

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