1 Hour

To increase the level of healthy food in the house and dial back the convenience foods I’ve started to spend about an hour every three days to make salads and bulk food to sit in the fridge so that we have yumness immediately available. Then we can just dip into salads and make various combinations of stuff into wraps, toasties, food plates, etc. It’s great for my fussy 3 year old as well. 1 hour is a small amount of time to spend in the kitchen and it only takes that long because they are really basic items to make. It’s kinda only 5 mins to throw together each thing even though they look more time intensive. Check it out… ❤

Homemade muesli – oats, sunflower seeds, coconut, almonds, sultanas,a small amount of brown rice syrup massaged through, then toasted.

Pesto – spinach, pine nuts or cashews, oil, salt


Steamed mushrooms with baby spinach – mushrooms, spinach, oil, water, mixed herbs


Roasted beet, kumara and potato with rosemary


Carrot, mesclun, mint, coriander, alfalfa pineapple salad


Bolognese – tofu heated with Dolmio


Roasted Cauliflower


Pesto pasta – spiral pasta, pesto,olives, sundried tomatoes, salt


And this is the selection from last week:

– Turmeric massaged, roasted cauliflower, with pine nuts, red rice, sultanas and salt
– Mesclun salad
– Herb roasted mushrooms
– Avocado
– Bolognese toasties
– And a beautiful beetroot salad from the Revive Cookbook – (beet, carrot, sunflower seeds, sultanas, and an orange dressing!) I didn’t get permission to share that but it’s a beautiful recipe from their second book.

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