Raw Cultured Cashew Cream Cheese

I’ve levelled up.

As I packaged and photographed these beauties I felt a sense of lofty arrogance burgeon wildly forth and I realised that all of humanity is divided into two categories -those who ferment stuff and everybody else – and it may be said that I have no class but hey, at least now I can say I have some culture. 😛

Anyway… this… this… this… (shown with pistachio, walnut, sundried tomato and chives):

Cultured Cashew Cheese 3Cultured Cashew Cheese

It’s so easy but there is one tip I’d like to recommend that is counter to popular wisdom (and counter to every recipe I’ve found). I have tried to make this a number of ways and I think my way is best! The base recipe is from my incredibly talented friend Vilja who has turned out to be a real source of foody inspiration to me.

You can see it below packaged up for my new charitable food project: www.hungryforraw.com where we will be applying this magnificent cheese to our Raw Zucchini Rolls with chives, black pepper, capsicum and olives and also shown with my new Spaghetti and Quinoa ‘Neatballs’ made with fresh pasta sauce; the recipe for this is coming soon.

This is a raw recipe and is best enjoyed on crackers (raw or not), raw pizza, on fresh vegetables, or in any situation in which you’d use a savoury cream cheese, it’s beautiful on cooked pasta or on raw spiralised zucchini noodles and it will last in the fridge quite well.

Cultured Cashew Cheese 2Spaghetti Sauce and MeatballsDSC_0655


2 cups raw cashews
1 cup water
3 x probiotic capsules (the kind you swallow to give your tummy good bacteria)

Any of the following; garlic, sundried tomatoes, lemon, flavoursome nuts and seeds, herbs and spices of all varieties – once you have the base you can literally season this in any way imaginable.


This is where I’m going to deviate from standard cashew cheese recipes…

Do not soak your cashews.

Pulse them into a fine crumb.

In a bowl, mix your water, your cashew crumb and open your probiotic capsules and add the powder to the mixture. Compost (or dispose of) the capsule case. Stir this mixture up and then add it to your blender. Grind. Grind, grind, grind. Grind it into oblivion. Grind with violence. Grind with passion. The longer you can grind and the smoother it is the better your final outcome.

Next, scoop all of this into a muslin cloth or similar fine fabric. Twist the top and suspend it. This is easy. You want to hang this somewhere so some drips can fall away while it ferments… here is a picture of how to do this… fear not, it takes about two minutes…  I stole this photo from someone on the internet as it pretty clearly indicates the system:

cashew cheese 2

Leave it for 24 hours, 36 if you want, but 48 hours is too much. When it smells nice and sour take it back to the blender.

The next part is up to you… I like about a teaspoon or so of salt, about a teaspoon of garlic and a dash of lemon for a cheese flavour, adjust quantities to taste… or skip those things altogether because here’s the thing, you can add anything you damn well please. There is no limit you your creativity here. Flavour it, stick it in the fridge, serve it the next day.

That’s it. I hope you enjoy it, please let me know how it goes!

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