Crunchy Fried Jackfruit (KFJ)

I always go to cafes and get this great, tasty jackfruit, then I come home and try to make it nicely and it’s all been wrong. Until now…

I’ve nailed the crumbing and the crunching process for jackfruit and then I transferred these skills to make southern fried Tofurkey too.

Tofurkey is in New Zealand now (as is Vegenaise) and it is the best. These are two excellent products that I enjoyed 10 years ago in the USA and have been waiting for them ever since.

You can get it from Albany New World. It’s $10 a pack and I can feed four with one pack because when you open it it expands to be a fair amount.

I enjoy my jackfruit with kimchi or chili kraut, salad greens and vegenaise… normally in nice bread but… pictured here in a $1 loaf.


So this is what I do:

When I use jackfruit I pull out all of the knobby seeds and the hard woody bits and compost them. I am fussy. I squeeze out the juice and tear the pieces into shreds.

When I use tofurkey all I do is open the pack.


Drop jackfruit or tofurkey into soymilk mixed with a dash of oil.


Then dip it in custard powder.


This is apparently what butchers to do make products egg-free!

This makes a big old sticky mess – which is great, right?


Because now that goes into this tasty southern fried mix, or breadcrumbs, or ground almonds, and that coverage is thicc… like you want it to be. This isn’t the same as the secret herbs and spices but you can make your own version by following the recipe here… and I would suggest adding the MSG because it’s delicious.


Then shallow fry this in hot oil.

You have to wait until the oil is hot before you put the coated stuff in or you will end up with a limp, soggy mess.

However, if the oil starts smoking it has become carcinogenic, so tip it out, wash your pan and start again.

I hope you enjoy your own version of tasty, crunchy KFV.

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  1. So happy to see another blog post I have missed these recipes! This one looks great too, I have never eaten Jackfruit but I am going to pick some up in the next shop and try this out 🙂

    1. Jess says:

      Thanks Amanda, I’ll try to do some more blogging, my time has freed up considerably of late and I’m really loving it.

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