Oops! Cheesy Satay Sauce

After I discovered the custard powder crumbing trick, I started to experiment with tasty satay options again… only I messed up my latest attempt. I added liquid smoke instead of soy sauce.

But this was a moment of brilliance. I wasn’t sure – at first – but on second lick decided it has an addictive, deep, cheesy flavour to the sweet, limey satay. It’s punchy everything sauce and I dig it.

The sauce is simply:

1) Peanut butter (I only use Pic’s Peanut Butter – they have a whole Mom & Pop story of fresh roasting and then grinding it while it’s fresh and adding nothing else other than a dash of salt, and I most earnestly feel like this process is reflected in the overall decency of their product), but I digress…

2) A dash of soy sauce

3) The juice of one lime

4) 2 tablespoons coconut sugar

5) Water to thin to desired consistency

6) A dash of liquid smoke

7) Optional pinch of chilli for a kick

Shown here with black rice, fresh broccoli and crunchy Tofurkey battered in southern fried seasoning and a light crumb.




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